The story: In June of 2016 “Snowplow”, a massive humpback whale washed up on the beach in Rye, NH and The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) dissected the whale bones and Brick Ends Farm received the twenty-three ton remains to compost. “Snowplow” has now evolved into a fine dark ½ inch screened product that has lots of available nutrients. Think…
BAGGED COMPOST is now available for sale at the farm...... Please inquire at the office
James Gist, CFO at Brick Ends Farm in Hamilton, Massachusetts took the time to explain how compost tea is made from earthworm castings and why it is beneficial for lawns, trees and gardens...... read the full article
Brick Ends Farm’s chief executive James Gist sifted through the six-month-old raw compost pile composed of leaves and food waste, including compostable paper and plastic products. read the whole story.....By Janelle Nanos GLOBE STAFF JULY 01, 2016
Chronicle Trash Talk: Clean Your Plate, But Save Those ScrapsIt's Compost Time!
Horace Mann School & The Compost!  You guys are very welcome!  Enjoy and get those hands good and dirty.    
"OUR 2017 TEST RESULTS ARE IN !. Please call the office for details. 978-468-3131" At Brick Ends Farm we are dedicated to producing the highest quality compost and amended topsoil among other products. A foundation of our product development is regular compost testing. We use this testing to monitor our process and the finished product. Our material is made from a fixed…
May and June have been popular for both school and individual tours of our composting operation. The Essex Middle School, The Brookwood School from Manchester and the Waldorf School at the Moraine Farm in Beverly. See a sample of the pictures and "thank you" notes received.
Ten high school students from the “Sustainability Class” came to Brick Ends Farm to learn more about “composting” now that the town of Ipswich has been participating in the “curbside pick-up” of food waste along with the other North Shore towns of Hamilton, Wenham, and Manchester. Great interest was show by all
Fourteen third graders visited the farm to learn about composting and sustainability along with several teachers and parents on Thursday, April 16th. The questions never stopped coming and everyone was in awe of the huge machines and equipment as they got a first-hand lesson into how compost was made from start to finish.

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