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Ten high school students from the “Sustainability Class” came to Brick Ends Farm to learn more about “composting” now that the town of Ipswich has been participating in the “curbside pick-up” of food waste along with the other North Shore towns of Hamilton, Wenham, and Manchester. Great interest was show by all

Fourteen third graders visited the farm to learn about composting and sustainability along with several teachers and parents on Thursday, April 16th. The questions never stopped coming and everyone was in awe of the huge machines and equipment as they got a first-hand lesson into how compost was made from start to finish.

brick7Go green with products from Brick Ends Farm: a composting facility based in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. Our company offers bulk organic garden compost, compost tea, garden soil and compost to farmers and lawn and garden centers throughout Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Business History

Our business was founded in 1975, with a goal of restoring fertility to worn out farmland. Green manure crops were used initially, and we later used a heavy application of organic compost. Since then, the land continues to produce high yields of silage corn and vegetables.

Organic Waste Diversion

More than $55 billion worth of food, potential energy, and soil amendments are sent to landfills each year in the United States. Our company helps to divert this waste by using our equipment to create organic compost an alternative to animal manure. In fact, grass germinates in our product in less than a week.
With waste products from cafeterias, curbside pickup, and supermarkets, we are able to create rich compost. In fact, some people call it, "black gold." Other products include enhanced mulch and blended soil mixes. Delivery services are available.

Compost Tea Center

Vermicasting, also called vermicomposting, is the processing of organic wastes through earthworms. It is a natural, odorless, aerobic process, much different from traditional composting. Earthworms ingest waste then excrete casts – dark, odorless, nutrient and organically rich, soil granules that make excellent soil conditioner. Earthworm casts are a ready-to-use fertilizer that can be used at a higher rate of application than compost, since nutrients are released at rates that growing plants prefer. Learn More...

THE CREW: Bruce, Nate, Pete, Peter


Unlike traditional wood or bark mulches, our Terra Mulch has a finer texture and adds a high-end look to any landscape. Bark mulches by their nature tend to deplete soils of nitrogen and restrict gas exchange between soils and the atmosphere. Terra Mulch is composted horse bedding and manure that continually improves the soil over the long term. As it begins to break down, it enhances the soil with additional organic matter, robust microbial life, and long-term nutrients, specifically nitrogen in the organic form. There is also a soluble fraction of nitrogen that provides a boost to the plant in the short term.

Not for the backyard grower, a product used for commercial land farming application consisting of 1 inch minus screened compost....good for corn fields etc...designed to be tilled for the larger agriculture land areas.

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