ORGANIC COMPOST- Premium ½ inch screened compost best used for vegetable gardens, flower gardens and top dressing for lawns. LOAM COMPOST MIX- Great all-purpose soil used for all plantings, excellent for establishing new lawns. Also referred to as: TOP SOIL; SCREENED SOIL; BLENDED SOIL; SOIL MIXES.
TERRA MULCH- our fine, dark brown composted mulch becoming the favorite throughout the NorthEast and New England for all your mulching purposes.DARK MIX- a mixture of pine bark and spruce, serves as a great cover...all natural.BLACK MULCH- For those who prefer the real dark black look.WOOD CHIPS- traditional chips for…
Not for the backyard grower, a product used for commercial land farming application consisting of 1 inch minus screened compost....good for corn fields etc...designed to be tilled for the larger agriculture land areas.

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