ORGANIC COMPOST- Premium ½ inch screened compost best used for vegetable gardens, flower gardens and top dressing for lawns. LOAM COMPOST MIX- Great all-purpose soil used for all plantings, excellent for establishing new lawns. Also referred to as: TOP SOIL; SCREENED SOIL; BLENDED SOIL; SOIL MIXES.
TERRA MULCH- Terra Mulch is composted horse manure and bedding. It is considered to be a high-end mulch that unlike bark and wood products does not degrade the soil. This material will provide both aesthetics and weed suppression while enriching and building the soil. Our fine, dark brown composted mulch…
Not for the backyard grower, a product used for commercial land farming application consisting of 1 inch minus screened compost....good for corn fields etc...designed to be tilled for the larger agriculture land areas.

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