Our compost, whether one-half inch or three-eighths inch screened, exhibits characteristics consistent with a high-quality compost product. Using our proprietary blend of feedstocks, we are able to produce a material that is high in both active and dormant biological life, including those higher-level predators that are responsible for nutrient cycling. At 1.7% nitrogen there are distinct benefits in the area of fertility. Compost is not a fertilizer,but rather a soil conditioner. One of the characteristics of a good compost is retained nitrogen. The major portion of the nitrogen in our product is in the organic form which is broken down little by little over the course of 10 to 12 months. There is a modest percentage of the nitrogen that is in a plant available form and is ready for immediate uptake by the plant. This usually provides available nitrogen for 2 to 4 weeks.Phosphorus is .5%. Our feedstocks do not contribute to high phosphorus levels in compost the way that dairy and other manures do.Our compost consistently averages between 40% and 45% organic matter. Due to this significant percentage of organic matter, a little goes a long way. Our one-half inch compost is perfect for soil incorporation, general top dressing of turf, or as a mulching material. Our three-eighths inch material is produced as a high-quality compost which removes more of the oversized particles. This material is ideal for high-end turf top dress including athletic fields. It is also a compost that is more easily worked and meets the standards of a discriminating landscape contractor.
Our enhanced topsoil is native soil that is blended with our compost. The soil textural class is a sandy loam. It exhibits almost ideal percentages of sand, silt, and clay. It is 72% sand, 21% silt and 6.7% clay making it a very good garden soil that has nutrient retentive capabilities and exhibits the characteristics of good drainage. The pH is 6.2 making it a versatile material for either grass or ornamental beds. The micro and macro nutrients are in balance. This topsoil is amended to 7.2% organic matter after the incorporation of our compost. The compost provides some immediate nutrient which can sustain and encourage the growth of new plant material without excessive amounts of additional fertilizer

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