Brick Ends Farm

Bringing new life to soil since 1975

We are a composting facility based in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. Our company offers bulk organic garden compost, compost tea, garden soil and compost to farmers and lawn and garden centers throughout Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

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  • Gretel
    This Spring brought us the enormous pleasure of seeing our lawn flourish as it has never done before. We have struggled for decades to try to bring it to life. Weeding, planting, and fertilizing (we thought) to no avail. I finally fired my so-called lawn care person, who came periodically with some white pellets that were spread around at great expense and with no results. Then came BrickEnds, with your compost tea. Hummm. 4 times last year. And like our son, Bryn, our acupuncturist and herbal healer who takes in patients whom doctors have failed to heal and heals them, your “tea” not only healed my lawn, it has allowed it to thrive as never before.Your ever grateful customer.

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    Ipswich MA

From Table To Soil ~ Bringing Local Foods Back Into The Food Chain.

55 billion!
More than $55,000,000,000 billion dollars worth of food waste is sent to landfills each year in the United States! Which has the potential to create new soil and be used as energy.
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Our Mission is a simple one!

"We take food waste and bring life back to soil"

Brick Ends Farm will be closed on Monday, October 11th….Enjoy the long weekend