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STEP #1 - Soil Testing / Site Evaluation

Our program begins with a site evaluation which allow us to visual inspect your lawn and garden and answer any questions you might have about our healthy solution to lawn and garden treatment Next a soil test will give us the answers to questions like PH level, available organic material, residual soil chemistry along with the level of microbial activity. This test will help us define the type of amendments that will be needed for your treatment plan.

Compost Tea :

Compost tea is rapidly gaining a place in turf and landscape management. Brick Ends Farm has a compost tea program that will offer a safe and efficacious way to deliver biology and organic material to your lawn and garden.

BEF use our compost that everyone knows and loves to create our composite tea. Our process adds Earth Worms (Red wigglers) to our compost which creates a step that further refines our biology and organic material. This Vermicompost is then converted from a solid to a liquid and then sprayed as an organic fertilizer on your lawn and gardens .

Top Dressing with Compost and Organic Fertilizer :

One of the most crucial steps to maintaining a healthy lawn and garden is to top dress with compost. This process is one of the essential steps to transitioning your lawn and garden off conventional chemicals. This step combined with organic fertilizer is the fastest way to wean your lawn and garden off chemicals. The process of creating a healthy living environment for your lawn and garden takes approximately 2 - 3 years. However at that point best lawn care practices can be implemented and there would be no need to add chemicals just add organic material, water and the lawn and garden will feed it self.

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Increase organic matter and Microbial activity

Adds beneficial Organisms Minerals

Reduces Water Usage

Provides the structure and stability for seed germination

Helps maintains aeration and reduces compaction through lawn maintenance