Our Company. Tradition for years…

We work with WASTE!

Our company is a family business created in 1975.

Go be green with products from Brick Ends Farm: a composting facility based in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. Our company offers bulk organic garden compost, compost tea, garden soil and compost to farmers and lawn and garden centers throughout Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Our business was founded in 1975, with a goal of restoring fertility to worn out farmland. Green manure crops were used initially, and we later used a heavy application of organic compost. Since then, the land continues to produce high yields of silage corn and vegetables.

More than $55 billion worth of food, potential energy, and soil amendments are sent to landfills each year in the United States. Our company helps to divert this waste by using our equipment to create organic compost an alternative to animal manure. In fact, grass germinates in our product in less than a week. With waste products from cafeterias, curbside pickup, and supermarkets, we are able to create rich compost. In fact, some people call it, "black gold." Other products include enhanced mulch and blended soil mixes. Delivery services are available.

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Our Mission is a simple one!

"We take food waste and bring life back to soil"

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