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December 7, 2017

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At Brick Ends Farm we are dedicated to producing the highest quality compost and amended topsoil among other products. A foundation of our product development is regular compost testing. We use this testing to monitor our process and the finished product. Our material is made from a fixed recipe involving a particular carbon to nitrogen ratio for the initial feedstocks so that we may be certain to achieve an optimum carbon to nitrogen ratio in the finished product.

Below you will find four separate tests. For the compost, there is compost chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, compost biology from Soil Foodweb New York Laboratory, and an in-depth compost analysis including chemistry, heavy metals, and potential herbicide contamination from Wood’s End Research Laboratory. There are also test results on our compost/topsoil blend. The blend has been tested for particle size and nutrient analysis.

The tests in order are:
1. Compost chemistry from the University of Massachusetts
2. Compost biological life from Soil Foodweb New York
3. Compost chemistry, heavy metals, and potential herbicide residue from Wood’s End Research Laboratory
4. Topsoil/ compost blend nutrient analysis from the University of Massachusetts
5. Topsoil/ compost blend particle size analysis from the University of Massachusetts

This round of testing continues to show that here at Brick Ends Farm we consistently produce high-quality compost. We are particularly proud of the high organic matter, appropriate retained nutrient, and extremely high biological life that you will experience when you use our material.

We continue to produce one of the highest quality composts available. It is an ideal amendment for soils, both agricultural and landscape, turf topdressing, and for use as a mulch or potting soil ingredient.

For technical questions regarding the compost, the testing protocols, or results contact:
Chip Osborne of Osborne Organics at 781-254-7862.

For ordering call Brick Ends Farm at 978-468-3131.

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